Hey all

We will call this one “Older Millennial” I cant find the skirt but I will find a similar one below. The top is from Universal Standard Peiete. It’s listed at the bottom.

It is 73 then it’s snowing next week so why not snap a picture.

As always, I put no effort into this outfit lol



South Block is the best. They sale smoothies and bowls and such. I always get a smoothie. I remembered receiving an email that they were at Union Market. I had to visit and also check out where the Soul Cycle was being held. ( outside if you want to know) Now there are other locations. I have been to one in Georgetown, and one in Northern Va.

All great locations, which is very rare to say about stores with multiple locations. I Do know my smoothie was a green one and it had ginger in it. I mainly posted this for how photogenic the drink is against the lovely sign and pumpkins, but I digress. Check out South Block if you are in the area. Tell me what you think.

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Hey all!!!

I went out a few weeks ago to pic up some straws from CB2. I stopped in Anthropologie and got a plate(s) I wanted all less than $5 on sale! I always find a sale. It cracks me up. I took a selfie. I will list everything If I am able to find them, or something similar.

What have you been doing to find some time of safe socially distanced mental health break? Its hard for everyone, and I think simple cheaper items bring the most joy when you are on a budget. Do yo agree? I love to say “ hey it was this much but I go it for this”

You cant take me anywhere.

Until next time bye bye

What im wearing

What I purchased

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